CONGRATULATION ON YOUR PREGNANCY!!! As you prepare for the arrival of the newest member of your family you probably have a to-do list of things you want to do before your baby arrives. I believe a maternity photoshoot session should be on your to-do list because whether you are having your first baby, or you are adding a new member to your family, a maternity session allows you to capture the beauty and love that you are feeling in the final months of your pregnancy. 

If you’ve never had a maternity session before, you may not know how to prepare or what to expect. I have put together the prefect guide of everything you need to know in order to make the most of your session and get images you will love and cherish forever:


The best time to book your maternity session is after your 20 weeks scan, please contact me to secure your preferred session date. Your maternity photoshoot session will be scheduled to take place between week 30 and week 35 of your pregnancy as it is ideal to have a visible bump in your photos.


Every photographer is different and every mom-to-be is different too. It is important to let me know what you’re comfortable with before your session so that we can better plan out what shots and poses to do.


We will provide the maternity gowns, wraps and other props for your photoshoot, but please bring the follow (please don't stress if you don't have everything on the list below):

  • panties - black and/or nude;
  • strapless bra - black and/or nude;
  • regular bra - black and/or nude;
  • pretty bra and panties that make you feel sexy;
  • pre-pregnancy jeans - they do not need to button
  • white men’s button down shirt
  • black or white suit jacket
  • black leggings

*Please make sure that the underwear you choose are not too tight!* Panty lines will show in the form fitting, tight gowns, and do not look good at all, just like with any other outfit you wear. It’s better to have loose underwear, than underwear that cuts into your skin and will create visible bumps and indentations under the gown.

 Dads can wear dark jeans and a plain colour shirt (a white shirt is recommended). 

If you have older children that you would like to include in the session, a t-shirt and jeans is great for boys, even a button down shirt, and for girls dresses look great. Shoes are not a requirement, usually bare feet for all people being photographed can be a safer and more comfortable option. Please bring snacks and toys for kids to play with during the session, and make sure they have eaten a good meal prior to the session.


If you want to include your spouse or other children in your maternity photos they are welcome to attend your maternity photoshoot session with you. Please keep in mind that extra people can be a distraction and can even make you feel less comfortable in front of the camera, so avoid bringing friends and extended family members along. However, if your spose is not coming with you to your photoshoot, please feel free to bring a friend or family for some support. When other children are present, I will capture family shots, and mom with kid shots first. If other siblings are very young, I suggest having a family member or babysitter join to help watch them. Maternity posing is a little more involved than regular couple posing, and we don’t want to take away from this time!


If you really want to look your best during your pregnancy photoshoot, getting your makeup done professionally would be the best way to go. A professional makeup artist will know how to do your makeup so it shows best in photos. Ideally a "soft glam" style of makeup would be best for your pregnancy photoshoot. Continue the pampering with a visit to your hair stylist and get your hair professional done for your pregnancy photoshoot. If you’re not sure how to have your hair done, think about what you want your photos to look like. If you’re going for a more casual look, a loose and simple hairstyle may be the perfect option. But if you want your images to look a little more formal, don’t be afraid to go for an elegant look.


If you haven't been able to get your nails done during your pregnancy then this a good opportinuty to get a fresh manicure and pedicure done as your finger nails and toe nails will be on show for the duration of your session. I will suggest you go for a neutral/natural colour of nail polish as we don't want the colour of your nails clashing with any of your outfits.


On the day of your session it is very important that you stay hydrated and don't skip any meal. Saying hydrated and eating will help keep your energy up throughout your maternity photoshoot session.


A couple hours before your session, please take time to apply some non-greasy lotion to reduce any dry spots on your skin. Be sure to avoid using any artificial tanners or spray tans as they may give your skin an unnatural orange look.


It’s easier said than done, but do your best to relax and not worry about your session. I will walk you through every pose and position; and also be on hand to be you hype woman for the day :-) . All you have to do is be your natural and your beautiful self!


  1. Complete the enquiry form HERE
  2. Read, complete and digitally sign my Photography Agreement sent to you via email
  3. Pay your £50 booking fee to secure you session date
  4. Your booking will be confirmed