Newborn Photography Kent 

The Little Whispers Photography Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Firstly I will like to say congratulation on the arrival of your baby and thank you for choosing me to capture and create beautiful baby photos that you will treasure forever. I am trained Newborn Photographer based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent; and I looking forward to meeting you and family for your newborn photoshoot session. Below you will find information on how to prepare for your newborn photography session, what to expect during and after your session; including what to bring to your session. In order to ensure a successful session please carefully read through this information guide and try yo follow it as best as you can. Depending on your preferred Newborn photography package, sessions will take up to 3 hours. Each newborn photoshoot session is different and can go quickly if this prep instructions are followed and baby is nice and sleepy, or it can take a bit longer due to pauses for snacks and soothing.


  • About an hour before you have to leave to come to the studio please try to keep baby awake and alert as best as you can by stimulation and playtime; baths works great. interact with them as much as possible so that we are not spending too much time getting them to sleep when you arrive.
  • Right before you leave for your session please make sure to feed your baby a nice big meal so that they arrive at the studio nice and full. Please try not to feed baby during your journey to the studio.
  • Please bring a bottle of expressed milk or formula with you. If you are exclusively breastfeeding then that is perfectly fine. If your baby uses a pacifier I ask that you bring one as they serve as a wonderful distraction for the baby during the session. If you haven’t introduced a pacifier then we understand as well.
  • Please avoid having any diaper ointment showing on baby’s skin. If you are using it regularly, please be sure to clean any off prior to your session. Please avoid using using baby powder on your baby on the day of your session.
  • Dress baby in a zip or button up sleeper, and fasten their nappy loosely so that they don’t have any red marks on their skin. Newborn skin is so sensitive and gets red very easily.


  • Your session stars at the time it was booked for and not when you arrive, so please do your best to arrive on time.
  • The studio will be very warm to keep your baby comfortable and sleepy. Please dress in layers so that you don't get too hot. I will be providing bottled water but please feel free to bring your own.
  • If siblings are going to be part of the session, the best method with siblings is to have them come at the start of the session only. Toddlers especially have a difficult time sitting quietly through a newborn session. Parents find the experience much less stressful when one parent or a friend/grandparent cares for the older child for most of the session and brings them to the studio for their portion only. If you need to bring your older child for the duration of the session, please plan to keep them entertained with snacks, quiet toys, books, etc.
  • I do my best to keep the environment of newborn sessions very calm and peaceful. The more relaxed everyone in the room is, the more relaxed the baby will be. For me this means pulling out my baby whispering skills, for parents this means relaxing and letting the photography magic happen.
  • Please do not take pictures over my shoulder during the session, except for behind the scenes shots (which I love).
  • Expect my patience and attention to detail to rule the day. I spend the majority of a session perfecting poses, backdrops, fingers, etc. and I believe these little things are what makes the difference between a snapshot and a work of art featuring your baby.


  • We want all of the focus of the image to be on the connection you share with your baby, rather than the clothing. Therefore, I suggest a simple black, white or grey tank top for mom and a matching plain tee for dad with jeans. Mom/dad and baby shots are close up so most of what you wear will not be shown.
  • Moms, keep make-up looking at natural as possible. Avoid using too much hairspray; soft hair photographs best with babies. Be sure to take nail polish off, or paint your nails with a very neutral colour. Avoid long earrings or necklaces. We want all the focus to be on you and your baby.
  • Dads, if you’re wearing a new tee shirt be sure to iron out the sleeve crease in advance. Other than that, just relax. It will be over before you know it.
  • Bring a change of clothes…you may be holding a naked baby and accidents happen.


  • A simple white or grey tee or tank with jeans and bare feet. Please remove their socks and shoes at the start of the session to get them used to it. For little girls please avoid hair accessories unless they are very small and a natural colour.


  • After your session, you should expect to have a sneak peek of your session within two days.
  • Your viewing and ordering appointment will take place online or at our home studio 2-3 weeks after your session. Here is where you will get to see all of your complete album and make all of your image & product selections.

Thank you for taking the time to read this plan. If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise I will see you at your session.